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About Aervivo

Our Vision: Access and Connectivity for All.


We believe in providing everyone, everywhere the opportunity to succeed through access to affordable, high-speed and reliable connectivity. With increasing digitization of our economy and society, connectivity is no longer a luxury, it is essential. Our connectivity platform will empower partners to solve the connectivity divide across the communities they serve.


Our Mission: Lead the Connectivity Revolution.


We are democratizing connectivity, empowering a new breed of ISPs with simple, scalable technology, tools and systems, enabling them to provide consumers a delightful connectivity experience and equitable access to the digitized world.


Our platform-as-a-service solution allows our partners to build and operate a new breed of low-cost gigabit, fiber-grade, wireless network using a range of technologies from millimeter wave to private cellular, complementing fiber. Our cloud-based platform, built on Salesforce and open-source technologies democratizes the role of the ISP, enabling new entrants to quickly build, launch and operate open-access or private networks in their communities, solving a range of connectivity challenges and creating new localized revenue opportunities.

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