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Aervivo launches first all fiber community; enables multifamily owners to delight residents and create outstanding return on investment across all communities in their portfolio


May 8, 2024

SAN DIEGO, Calif -- Aervivo announced today that it launched services at another community in the North East. This marks a first for Aervivo in that this is the first 100% fiber connected multifamily community, demonstrating the broad capabilities of Aervivo’s platform. 

“What’s exciting about this launch is we are proving a key tenet of our value proposition - that we can provide a game changing connectivity experience to any and every community in a multifamily owner’s or manager’s portfolio”, explained Mike Hart, CEO of Aervivo. “When we launched our services for MDU communities we initially focused on the hardest problem to solve: existing garden style communities where the cost to deploy fiber to every building was just prohibitive. Having proven our abilities with several launched communities, we have now shown how we can also enable owners to deliver the same experience in the newest communities even more cost effectively, all using the same platform”.

With the recent launch of the AerSwitch, complementing Aervivo’s unique AerHub technology, Aervivo now enables multifamily real estate owners to quickly and cost effectively deliver managed Gigabit WiFi to all communities in their portfolio using a single partner and platform.


As Nikki Boatwright, Director of Sales & Business Development explained, "Not only can owners delight residents with Gigabit managed WiFi that they can control, owners can increase NOI and create an outstanding 100%+ IRR over 5 years or less by partnering with Aervivo".

Aervivo is quickly expanding with several more communities planned for launch this year, ranging from single family homes, to large existing garden style multifamily, to brand new multifamily communities. Their platform will also soon be serving both affordable and market rate housing. 

If you’d like to learn how Aervivo can help you impress your residents and create an outstanding return on your investment, please contact us at for a no obligation proposal

About Aervivo


Aervivo’s is partnering with a wide range of property and community owners across the country, empowering  them to quickly launch new community wide, managed Gigabit WiFi services. The Aervivo team has decades of collective experience of designing, building and operating large scale connectivity residents and its dedicated Customer Success team aligns with owners and leaders of communities to enable them to quickly deliver a new class of connectivity experience that delights residents and creates a compelling return on investment for owners.

For more information, please visit the website at or email 

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