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Aervivo enables MDU owners or ISPs to rapidly install a fiber and/or wireless network in your community to offer a range of outstanding connectivity services

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Solve challenges, locally

  • Rapidly launch a new community without costly infrastructure build

  • Capture the connectivity revenue from the community you serve

  • No need to rely on expensive, slow or uncooperative incumbents!

  • Aervivo can do it all, or work with you

Expand existing fiber services

  • Grow your existing footprint, potentially front-run later fiber build-outs

  • Block competitors from attacking existing service areas

  • Launch new mobile & wireless services

Upgrade legacy copper footprint

  • Provide a solution in market areas where fiber-only economics don’t work

  • Allows fiber-grade upgrades without disruption of existing customer base

  • Upgraded services can be launched quicker than with fiber alone

Aervivo provides a turnkey, scalable platform 

so you don't have to go it alone

Partner Question

How do I deliver fiber-grade connectivity on a community or metro-wide scale?


Aervivo Solution

Powered by the Aervivo Cloud, Aervivo Hybrid Edge technology effortlessly extends existing fiber services, delivering symmetric Gbps speeds ubiquitously

This is how next generation connectivity is delivered

in existing communities with the Aervivo Hybrid Edge


Existing local fiber provides connection to a local Aervivo Cloud OS point of presence

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The Aervivo Hybrid Edge is an ecosystem of leading-edge network hardware. Rapid deployment and simplified management of hybrid networks is made possible by the Aervivo Cloud

Aervivo Cloud™


Cloud OS for Hybrid ISPs

  • All features required to deliver ISP services, in the cloud

  • Includes virtualized core network to power fiber, FWA and private cellular services

  • Modularized, API architecture for rapid integration with legacy systems

Aervivo Hybrid Edge™


Ecosystem of Integrated Network Solutions

  • AerHub: 60GHz plug-n-play 360°, 10+ Gbps mesh

  • Third-Party: zero touch config MDU switches, low-cost 5G small cells, outdoor and indoor CBRS CPEs, and managed mesh WiFi

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Aervivo's Connectivity Platform delivers sustainable value






  • Fully featured cloud platform enables partners without wireless experience to quickly adopt, scale and maintain hybrid networks

  • PaaS and SW-defined networking combine to solve traditional new entrant scaling challenges through SW automation  

  • Industry leading economics across cost to pass, cost to connect & cost to serve

  • Aervivo is both a developer and integrator of tech, delivering a best-in-class solution


Ready to learn how to solve your connectivity challenges and grow new lines of revenue?

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