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Aervivo enables MDU owners or ISPs to rapidly install a fiber and/or wireless network in your community to offer a range of outstanding managed WiFi connectivity services

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MDU Owners

Solve challenges, locally

  • Rapidly launch a new community without costly infrastructure build

  • Capture the connectivity revenue from the community you serve

  • No need to rely on expensive, slow or uncooperative incumbents!

  • Aervivo can do it all, for every community

Fiber ISPs

Expand services, quickly

  • Grow your existing footprint, potentially front-run later fiber build-outs

  • Block competitors from attacking existing service areas

  • Launch new mobile & wireless services


Upgrade services, economically

  • Provide a solution in market areas where fiber-only economics don’t work

  • Allows fiber-grade upgrades without disruption of existing customer base

  • Upgraded services can be launched quicker than with fiber alone

This is how next generation connectivity is delivered

in communities with the Aervivo Hybrid Edge

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Aervivo Connectivity Platform Architecture

The Aervivo Hybrid Edge is an ecosystem of zero-touch provisioning fiber and wireless networking equipment enabling rapid deployment and simplified management by the Aervivo Cloud

Aervivo Cloud™


Cloud OS for Hybrid ISPs

  • All features required to deliver ISP services, in the cloud

  • Includes virtualized core network to power fiber, FWA and private cellular services

  • Modularized, API architecture for rapid integration with legacy systems

Aervivo Hybrid Edge™


Ecosystem of Integrated Network Solutions

  • AerHub & AerSwitch support new and existing buildings

  • Zero touch provisioning software client across all Aervivo and third party networking equipment

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Aervivo's Connectivity Platform delivers sustainable value






  • Fully featured cloud platform enables partners to quickly adopt, scale and maintain hybrid fiber and wireless networks

  • Software and cloud based networking combine to solve traditional new entrant scaling challenges through automation  

  • Industry leading economics across cost to pass, cost to connect & cost to serve


Ready to learn how to solve your connectivity challenges and grow new lines of revenue?

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