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Aervivo announces the launch of the AerSwitch™; enables Partners to deliver multi-Gbps powered WiFi experiences powered by community wide 10G fiber connectivity


January 23, 2024

SAN DIEGO, Calif -- Aervivo announced today that it launched the AerSwitch expanding its unique Aervivo Hybrid Edge family of networking devices. The AerSwitch allows Aervivo’s partners to rapidly and cost-effectively deliver multi-Gbps Internet services across communities where fiber already exists or can be installed cost-effectively.


The AerSwitch complements Aervivo’s groundbreaking AerHub™, allowing Partners to pick and choose between fiber or multi-gigabit wireless to interconnect buildings within a community. Aervivo’s Partners can now quickly and efficiently deliver managed, community-wide WiFi experiences across both existing and new build communities using a single platform.


Like the AerHub, the AerSwitch supports zero-touch provisioning so installers do not require laptops or other devices in the field to configure them, installation is truly plug and play. Both the AerHub and the AerSwitch can be mixed and matched in a community and managed from the Aervivo Cloud with a similar look and feel, greatly simplifying deployment and operation.


At launch Aervivo is supporting three variants of the AerSwitch, a 48 RJ-45 port version with dual AC or DC power supplies, as well as a lower cost 24 RJ-45 port with dual AC power supplies. This enables their Partners to deliver 10Gbps connections to every building but cost-effectively deliver the service to units over Ethernet cabling. In the future, Aervivo plans to expand support for a 48 SFP port version to enable delivery of services via fiber to the unit. 


The AerSwitch hardware is provided by, leveraging their S5800 platform, running Aervivo’s patented software stack allowing it to integrate seamlessly with the Aervivo Cloud. Each AerSwitch has multiple 10Gbps upstream ports allowing ring or mesh topologies for added redundancy within a community.


Aervivo’s Hybrid Edge family of networking solutions running Aervivo’s software stack now makes it a breeze to blend the best of fiber and wireless to quickly and cost-effectively scale carrier-grade, community-wide, symmetric Gbps WiFi services to every unit and household.


About Aervivo


Aervivo’s mission is to disrupt the ISP industry, enabling fiber-grade connectivity at a fraction of the cost. It partners with property and community owners, as well as leading ISPs, empowering  them to quickly launch new markets, extend presence, and upgrade legacy networks. Its industry-leading wireless mesh technology, cloud-based service platform and SaaS business model allows its partners to deliver affordable, high-speed, carrier-grade connectivity with an industry-leading customer experience. 


For more information, please visit the website at or email 

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