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Our Mission: To Lead the Connectivity Revolution

We are democratizing connectivity, empowering a new breed of ISPs with simple, scalable technology, tools and systems, enabling them to provide consumers a delightful connectivity experience and equitable access to the digitized world.



The start of the 21st century has seen Internet connectivity become an essential utility. Our ability to learn, work and play relies on unlimited, high-speed access to the Internet. However, many rural communities are left under connected with speeds that constrain the ability to access opportunities on the same level as in other parts of the world. While suburban communities often have access to high-speed connectivity, there are limited choices leading to monopolistic practices including high prices, frustrating reliability and poor customer service.




Aervivo’s Cloud Platform enables our ISP partners to deploy fiber-grade hybrid networks across both small and large communities faster than can be achieved with fiber, and typically at a fraction of the cost. Symmetric Gbps services can be delivered at tens of dollars per household passed instead of hundreds to thousands, providing time to revenue measured in weeks, not years. Our cloud-based, SW-defined platform is architected for scale, enabling our partners to overcome the challenges faced by their predecessors.


We will enable the revitalization of DSL providers and empower new entrants to provide competitive services on a broad, national scale in a manner that has to date been hampered by the infrastructure economics and speed at which current gigabit technologies, such as fiber, can be deployed.

The Aervivo Cloud Platform enables our partners to deploy CBRS small cell solutions off of the hybrid fiber, millimeter wave wireless networks we enable them to build. Our platform provides a fully hosted 3GPP core solution and everything else need to plan, launch and scale 4G or 5G services, well suited for addressing digital inclusion challenges.


Leveraging our team’s deep experience and years of building and operating fiber, millimeter wave and CBRS networks,  we have developed not just a new networking technology, but a holistic Cloud based platform encompassing unique SW-defined wireless nodes, virtualized core network functions and a cloud-based BSS and OSS to support deployment and scale. 


Our platform-as-a-service business model allows our partners to build and operate a new breed of gigabit, fiber-grade, wireless network, allowing incumbents to quickly transform to hybrid wireline/wireless networks. Because our platform democratizes the role of the ISP, we enable new entrants to quickly build, launch, scale and operate private networks in their communities, solving connectivity challenges and creating new localized revenue opportunities.

Our Vision: Access and Connectivity for All

We believe in providing everyone, everywhere the opportunity to succeed through access to affordable, high-speed and reliable connectivity. With increasing digitization of our economy and society, connectivity is no longer a luxury, it is essential. Our connectivity platform will empower partners to solve the connectivity divide across the communities they serve.

Next Generation Connectivity

Leadership Team

  • 15+ years in wireless ISPs including Clearwire, PCCW

  • CEO Vivint Internet & SVP Engineering at Vivint


  • Founded DFJ-backed Alpental, acquired by Google


  • Led development of 60GHz tech for Google Fiber


  • PhD Engineering, University of Bristol

Mike Hart

  • 8+ years in tech industry

  • COO at Vivint Internet, Dir. Biz Dev at Vivint


  • Developed Vivint Internet’s unique business model


  • Former Bain & Company Case Team Leader


  • MBA from Duke University Fuqua School of Business

Nick Alexander


  • 8+ years in strategy and business operations

  • Led Google Fiber deployments in SLC & Provo, Utah


  • Deloitte & Touche Strategic Advisory Manager


  • 10 years of military leadership as Naval Officer


  • US Naval Academy graduate - Annapolis

Peter Yu

VP, Strategy & Business Dev

  • 15+ years leading finance and analytics teams

  • Tech industry experience at Intuit, Gateway and Vivint, partnering with marketing, product dev, & customer care

  • Treasury management in small & mid-size companies

  • MBA from BYU Marriott School of Management

Jonathan Jones
VP, Finance

  • Lead architect of the Aervivo platform

  • 17+ years in networks & SW at Vivint, Raytheon & Novell


  • Built international teams to isolate, diagnose, and resolve networking issues for Fortune 500 and gov. customers


  • Worked on mitigation of the 2011 RSA hack

Binon Gorbutt
VP, Engineering


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