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Aervivo Connectivity Platform™ 
Cloud OS for Community Wide Gigabit Managed WiFi

Our connectivity platform enables you to delight the communities you serve and generate an outstanding 100%+ IRR, quickly 

Get the Aervivo Hybrid Edge

The Aervivo Cloud coupled with the Aervivo Hybrid Edge suite of fiber and wireless technologies enables our Partner's to quickly provide multi-Gbps fiber connectivity to every building in any community and deliver a premium, Gigabit managed WiFi solution to each household

Aerial View of a Suburb


Launch services

without fiber expense and construction delays

See how Aervivo provides partner solutions


Capture high margin revenue opportunities quickly with a CAPEX efficient solution

See how we build networks with our partners


Our unique, cloud-scale solution solves for every community you serve

See what makes up the Aervivo platform


Ready to delight your customers
and make an outstanding ROI?

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