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Aervivo Connectivity Platform™ 
Cloud Operating System for Hybrid Networks

Our connectivity platform enables rapid delivery of cost-effective fiber-grade & private cellular services to the communities you serve

Get the Aervivo Hybrid Edge

The Aervivo Cloud OS coupled with the Aervivo Hybrid Edge suite of networking technologies quickly solves connectivity challenges, increasing choices for customers, and rapidly creating shareholder value

Aerial View of a Suburb


Launch fiber-grade, digitial inclusion services

without fiber expense and construction delays

See how Aervivo provides partner solutions


Capture revenue opportunities quickly with a CAPEX light network backed by a carrier-grade service provider platform

See how we build networks with our partners


Cloud scale capability provided by our holistic, Platform-as-a-Service solution driven by industry leading IP and proven capabilities

See what makes up the Aervivo platform


Ready to provide the future of connectivity?

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